• Set the right achievable goal
  • Learn and practice the right technique
  • Create the mindset to continue the journey
  • Learn how to grow the right habits in nutrition and lifestyle
  • Build your strength and motivation


10 sessions

Save €75

1 on 1 Sessions. Indoors. Private Studio



  • 1 hour in person assessment
  • 10 private 1 hour sessions 
  • Fully Supervised Training
  • Free Registration

*Monthly subscription. Minimum 3 months, otherwise €350 per month

1 session

1 on 1 Sessions. Indoors. Private Studio


/ per session

  • 1 hour session
  • Fully Supervised Training
5 sessions

Save €25

1 on 1 Sessions. Indoors. Private Studio



  • 1 hour in person assessment 
  • 5 private 1 hour sessions
  • Fully Supervised Training
  • Free Registration

*Monthly subscription. Minimum 3 months, otherwise €190 per month

meal plan only


  • 4 week meal plan to support your goals. Includes one free revision.

All training takes place in person in our fully equipped private training gym.

Prices include VAT

30-Day Guarantee

If you follow my eating guide, and work out regularly with me, I guarantee we will get the results you want in the timeframe we agree. If we don't, and if you're not happy with me and genuinely feel like you did your best ... I'll give you your money back.*

*For plans of 3 months or longer

What they say About Me

Eli is one of the most dedicated personal trainers I have ever come across. He is very knowledgeable, does his craft with passion and really does care about the end goal of his clients. His workouts are always multifunctional, diverse and fun, he always makes sure we are pushing ourselves but never not empathetic or adaptable.
In addition to having a great conversation with Eli every time, training together for the past two months has made me love working out, increased my endurance and changed my body so much and I will forever be thankful for him!

Katarina Safa

5 stars! The best and funniest coach. Getting in shape while having fun!

Peter Verhees

Eli ha conseguido que vuelva al gimnasio después haber perdido la rutina hace mucho tiempo. Después de dos meses, he visto resultados muy buenos, sus entrenamientos son dinámicos, divertidos, multifuncionales y consigue sacar ese último aliento de fuerza que te queda dentro. Se ha adaptado a lo que le pedí! Muchas gracias campeón!!

Kike Ineva

After almost 20 years of regular gymming, I thought I knew everything. But I got better results with Eli in just two months than I did working alone. It wasn't just the motivation. It was the great variety of ways he taught me to work my whole body instead of depending on useless equipment.

Kieran Joseph

Having worked with several coaches previously, Eli's coaching style was a breath of fresh air. I really feel like I've gotten something out of each session and highly recommend their services. By incorporating your knowledge of fitness and physiology with your natural ability to make people feel comfortable around you has created an absolutely unique offer.

Richard Haddon

Working with Eli was so cool and flexible. I lost 3 kilos so far and this encouraged me to keep working with him.

Elie Imad

If you are looking for a workout that consist of good technique and fun, then Eli is your man. I tried many personal trainers and one thing that I was struggling with, was finding someone who knows his craft, but also has the capability to listen to my needs and at the same time makes me laugh and the work out session fun. Eli has all these qualities, he pushes you when he needs to, he shows empathy and he incorporates laughter to the session. If you want to see results but also care about a great environment, Eli is the one for you.

Rumi Meierhofer

Eli started with an assessment of my physical condition, very gently and slowly puts me into more difficult training sets. He knows what he's doing and makes the exercise enjoyable. After 6 weeks I started to feel very well, to sleep better and to have more energy. After 3 months I lost weight and felt even better. Now I love to train, even if it makes me sweat, I feel more and more physically better.

Guillermo Blanco

A very funny guy! With the right combination of skills both to get you through the monotony of repetitive exercises while continually adapting them to your needs and always improving your capacity. He'll help you lose weight if that's your goal! 10 kilos in my case. Help you to improve resistance, build strength and increase confidence in yourself. Very professional approach to fitness classes. All balanced with his particular mix of fun

Graham Parsons

After only one month with 3 sessions per week, combined with your advice on diet I began to see appreciable results, which I am very pleased with. Eli is very careful to personalize the exercises taking into account my tastes and my osteoarticular problems.

Marco de Pin

My fitness training sessions with Eli were just fantastic! Great coach, perfect coach and super nice guy. I more than came to my goal, so I can say more than I would highly recommend and gladly Eli's services.

Laurent Macarie

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